About Me and my vision for Sports-Free Stream

Thanks for checking out Sports Free Stream. I’m Nate, and I’ll be be adding frequent tips about finding affordable music deals in the Twin Cities.

A few things about me: I’m a dad in his early 30’s.  First Ave, 400 Bar, Triple Rock, Turf Club, The Hexagon are places that I would call home.  I love going to shows where you pay $5- $10 and can stand a foot away from the band.  There aren’t security guards in front of the stage and you are within reach of grabbing the setlist as soon as the band is done playing. Heavy, garage, punk rock is my favorite, but I can also dig someone who can play an acoustic guitar.  There is nothing better than going to see a semi popular band at a small venue, chatting with them after they play, and buying their home made record directly from them.

I am also addicted to vinyl.  I obsessively search thrift stores, garage sales, craigslist and online for a good deal on a record.

Music is my passion and I am excited to write about it.