Record Store Day – Celebrating a Part of History

Long before CD-s, cassette tapes and 8-track tapes, there was a thing called a record. Round and flat, they were made of vinyl, and came in types that reflected their revolutions per minute on a turntable. 78,45,33. You put the record on your turntable, and set an arm with a needle on it at the start of the record. You were in music heaven.

The record began to go out of style in the seventies and eighties in favor of more convenient musical contraptions, but the memory of the record will never be forgotten, with its snaps and pops within the sound, and the artistic covers and pictures included within the jackets.
Records were typically sold in record stores. People would flock to these usually independently-owned venues, hoping to find the latest vinyl copies of records by their favorite performers. Sadly, the record stores were eclipsed by big department stores and mail-order websites where a better deal may be had, as well as a bigger selection. But to many, the record store lives on in the memory.

In 2008, an event was formed called Record Store Day. Held on a Saturday each April, this event was designed to celebrate the memory and culture of the record store. Record Store day unites many of the artists, performers, fans, even former employees of independently owned record stores.

The event is held in different places, in the united states and all over the world. Special copies of vinyl records are pressed for the special day, of unique records. These are only made available to those involved in this timeless event.

As you can imagine, Record Store Day has become a beloved celebration for music fans, young and old. We have scientists, truckers, bloggers who write about outdoor improvement (, you name it! Record stores may be a thing of the past, but they will forever live on in the memories of those who love them thanks to Record Store Day.