Record Store Day – April 18, 2015

Saturday, April 18th was Record Store Day, a day invented six years ago to help independent record stores boost sales.  The holiday is still going strong as vinyl continues to grow in popularity.  It is a fun day where music fans can celebrate their love for record stores, but as with anything, people can ruin this day with greed.  Many of these exclusive records were on sale for around $20-$40, but are now on eBay for $70-$200.

I was quite excited for Record Store Day, since there are so many unique and interesting record stores in the Twin Cities.  My dream would be to rent a limousine and get whisked away to all the best record stores in town. Maybe some day… As much as I love the Electric Fetus, I avoided it because I expected a large crowd and a picked-over selection.  I tried Discland in Bloomington, but despite being a great store, they didn’t have many special releases.  I hit Extreme Noise Records next, which is packed full of primo punk rock albums, but I still couldn’t find the ones I was after.  I did, however, win a cool TAANG! Records 7 inch box set from their drawing.

Finally, I made my way to Treehouse Records.

My hopes weren’t too high, as I feared the 2 records I was after would be gone.  I walked in the doors 2 hours after they opened, and they had the Elvis record! I thought for sure it would have been gone.  I was lucky enough to find No Memory, the studio album by No. 2 at Treehouse also.

I was especially excited for the Elvis record, as it is a recording he made for his mother before he was famous.  Jack White bought Presley’s very first record for $300,000 and digitally transferred it to vinyl specifically for Record Store Day.  It seemed it was one of the most sought after albums and no numbers were released, so I was especially excited to find it.
For me, Record Store Day 2015 was extremely successful.  It’s a lot of fun geeking out over vinyl, and I see Record Store Day growing more successful in the years to come.