Jack White’s Rolling Record Store in town April 9

Jack White’s Rolling Record Store is on tour and it came to town for two days.  I got the chance to check it out at the Electric Fetus on Thursday, April 9th.
The Electric Fetus is one of the best record stores in Minneapolis.  They host great live concerts in their store and they have some fun outdoor sales.  They are good at promoting their events online.  I always am up to date with things that they do through Facebook.  The Fetus had a numbering system for this event, which they informed us via Facebook.  You could come in and take a number at noon and leave instead of waiting in line for the bus at 4pm.  Luckily I was able to head over during my lunch break at work to get a number. If not, I would never been able to shop at the bus.  I left work early and arrived at the Fetus at 4:30.  I was number 28 and figured they would have already called by number.  To my surprise, they were only on customer number 4.

It was raining out and they allowed customers to wait in the store.  They had a 15% off sale while Jack’s truck was there.  They finally called my number around 6pm. The Third Man truck is a record collector’s dream truck.  It’s huge and has the signature yellow and black colors. The truck was cranking great music while we waited outside.  They have a cool selection of vinyl and each town got a chance to pick up exclusive items.  All of the exclusive vinyl was gone by the time I got up there.  I didn’t mind since I was doing it for the experience of seeing something that doesn’t come by too often. I picked up a shirt and an exclusive Minnesota pin.

The Fetus handled everything pretty well.  There must have been quite a few customers that didn’t get a chance to shop at the bus.  I guess you can’t give the customers a time limit, but some of them took forever to pick out what they wanted.  This was definitely an event worth checking out!

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